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An Exquisite Thanksgiving Feast at Post Hotel & Spa

Experience a Thanksgiving dinner like no other at Post Hotel & Spa, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavour and tradition.

by: Kaitlin Dewar
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Get ready for an exquisite Thanksgiving celebration at Post Hotel with a Six-Course Chef's Thanksgiving Tasting Menu, available on Sunday, October 8th. This delightful symphony of flavours, features roasted turkey and a vibrant medley of harvest-inspired courses, carefully curated to capture the essence of the season.


First Course

Salad of Autumn Leaves

Begin your culinary journey with a vibrant salad featuring tender mushrooms, a drizzle of maple whisky, and a mustard vinaigrette that dances on your palate.

Second Course

Carpaccio of Quebec Venison Tenderloin

Delight in the rich, tender venison carpaccio, elevated by a red port wine gastrique. The dish is complemented by celery root and horseradish purée, crispy capers, and a touch of herb oil.

Third Course

Cream of Roasted Butternut Squash

Savour the creamy indulgence of roasted butternut squash soup, garnished with pumpkin seeds and a sprinkle of paprika.

Fourth Course

Pan-Seared Filet of Halibut

Dive into the depths of flavour with pan-seared halibut, dressed in a champagne and dill vinaigrette. Served alongside roasted fennel and lobster mushrooms, with a velvety red pepper purée.

Fifth Course

Roasted Winter Farm Turkey

Of course, no Thanksgiving menu would be complete without turkey. Ours is a masterpiece, roasted to perfection and glazed with Meadow Farm's honey. It's accompanied by a turkey sauce, Yukon Jack, and giblets. The chef's stuffing is a delightful fusion of corn, green apple, pretzel bread, dried pears, and a hint of turkey and bison. The dish is rounded out with Brussels sprouts adorned with bacon and glazed chestnuts.

Sixth Course

Greek Yogurt Mousse

For dessert, indulge in a divine Greek yogurt mousse, accented by pumpkin jelly, a winter spice sablé, and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream. It's the perfect sweet note to end your Thanksgiving feast.

At just $180 per person, this delicious Thanksgiving experience promises to create cherished memories with your loved ones. For those seeking a more relaxed Thanksgiving celebration, a delectable Turkey Dinner will also be available at The Outpost on October 8th.

Secure your reservation at Post Hotel & Spa and extend your stay to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Louise, where the changing colours of the landscape mirror the vibrant spirit of the season.


Join us in giving thanks, sharing laughter, and savouring the flavours of the season at Post Hotel & Spa this Thanksgiving.

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